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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is German Account ?

German Account is a platform for international students and expats who want to study or live in Germany and need German blocked account and insurance.

We provide you the best service and individually tailored product solutions, we work with a bank located in Frankfurt am Main (Germany).

How do I transfer funds to my blocked account ?

After getting your personal blocked account information, you can transfer your funds using a local bank or an online payment service.

How long does it take to open a Blocked account ?

Your blocking confirmation will be issued as soon as the required blocked amount was deposited in your blocked account. Therefore, the sooner you complete your transfer, the sooner we can issue your blocking confirmation.

I just transfered the money - do I need to inform you or send a transfer confirmation ?

No. As soon as the money arrives in your account, you will be automatically notified by email and the blocking confirmation will be sent to you in attachment.